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Shaktilar 3 months ago
By "promotion in sales", he probably means "assistant manager at the local mall Panda Express". Totally hot shit right there. Panties drop there pretty regularly.
Vudosida 3 months ago
How to shoot a video with you !
Gukasa 3 months ago
I don’t know why I’m still awake. I should have gone to sleep hours ago. And now I’ve just seen a trailer for a live action Lady and the Tramp for Disney+. Disney can go officially fluck themselves now. I’d almost severed the ties when I heard about Beauty and the Beast live action. Then Dumbo and Lion King ... I’m just done. Nothing is sacred any more.
Gazilkree 3 months ago
a cup of vomit slobber jizz
Dojar 3 months ago
Sampa, terra abençoada de chubbys deliciosos como vc.